Digital Art and Software Development:
  • App Development – Mobile Apps and more.
  • Website Development – WordPress, Wix, Custom Design as well as web applications.
  • Game Development – Simple games I can do, but can’t commit to big projects at this time.
  • Sketch Video – Informational videos that send a message and hold the clients attention. Done using sketches and scribes.
  • Logos, Banners, Etc – need a logo, banner, poster, pdf document, brochure, etc?
Teaching Services:

I provide all equipment for these programs. Class size is 8-20 students. Classes run 5 – 20 weeks. One day workshops are also available.

  • Game Development – In this course, students design and build video games from scratch. We use the very popular Game Maker Studio program. Students in the course learn introductory computer programming and explore applications of mathematics in programming. They also learn about story planning, level design, character design, and game play design. At the end of the course, most students will have a completed video game.
  • 3D Modeling and Animation – In this course, students learn the basics of building objects and characters in Blender 3D, a professional but free software. We cover basic texturing and the basics of animation. For older classes, we also explore using bones and texturing using drawing tools.
  • Web Site Development – In this course, students are introduced to HTML and CSS and use these technologies to build their own websites. After learning the basics, we introduce students to the use of Frameworks, which can greatly speed up website development. Classes for older students can also cover using WordPress, Wix, or other services for website creation.
Other Services:
  • Tutoring – I can provide tutoring after school and on weekends. Subjects include Math, Biology, Chemisty, Physics, Calculus, and computer coding up to Grade 12 level.
  • Computer Repair, Building, Etc – Will fix or build computers. No matter what the issue.
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