Asteroids Remake – Intermediate GMS2

In this intermediate level class, students learn how to remake the original asteroids arcade game, from scratch of course! It isn’t exactly identical to the original game, but the game play is similar enough to call it a remake. We use Game Maker Studio 2 to build the game. The class is designed for grade 5+ students and takes about 10 hours to complete. It is recommended that students take a beginner level course before doing this one.

Topics covered:

  • Game Design Overview
  • Sprites, Backgrounds, Sounds, Scripts, Fonts, Objects, and Rooms
  • Heroes and Obstacles
  • Game Controller Approach
  • Exporting and Publishing
  • Programming topics: variables, if/else, switch/case, functions, draw calls, direction and speed
  • Math Concepts: Sin, Cosine, Angles, Rotation
Try the Asteroids Remake in your browser, click here!

Want to install it on your PC, download here!

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