Flappy Bird Remake – Beginner GMS2

Flappy Bird is a fun little game for mobile devices that led to those devices being destroyed by their owners because of the rage it created hah. The creator of the game removed it from the app stores because of the attention and for other reasons, but that won’t stop us from making a clone of it! This is a beginner level class or workshop for those who want a taste of game development. The project is easy to follow and can be completed in 2-4 hours in a workshop or birthday party setting. More time can be taken in a classroom setting, where students will be able to add more features to the game.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to game design
  • Sprites, Objects, Sounds, Backgrounds
  • X and Y coordinates
  • Physics of falling and flapping (jumping)
  • Pixels, Digital Art, Animation
  • Events and Rooms
Try the Flappy Bird Remake in your browser, click here!

Want to install it on your PC, download here!

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