Adventures of Spaceman – Advanced GMS2

In this advanced level class, students learn how to make a speed running platformer game, from scratch of course! The game takes advantage of the State Machine design pattern and also covers building a physics system for the character. We use Game Maker Studio 2 to build the game. The class is designed for grade 8+ students and takes about 20 hours to complete. It is recommended that students take an intermediate level course before doing this one.

Topics covered:

  • Game Design Overview
  • Sprites, Backgrounds, Sounds, Scripts, Fonts, Objects, Paths, and Rooms
  • Heroes and Obstacles
  • Game Controller Approach
  • State Machine Design Pattern
  • Custom Physics Engine
  • Exporting and Publishing
  • Programming topics: variables, if/else, switch/case, functions, draw calls, direction and speed, buffers
  • Math Concepts: Sin, Cosine, Angles, Rotation, Ray Cast, Box Casts, Collisions
Try the Spaceman Platformer Game in your browser, click here!

Download the game for your Windows PC here!

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