Student Highlight: Nathan Strong

Every now and then, I have the pleasure of teaching extremely talented and driven students. My latest such student is Nathan Strong. He has taken two courses from me, one was an introduction to game design where we learned about Game Maker Studio 2 and Unity. The second course was the Monday STEM Academy. Both courses were hosted by Gearbots at UFV on Monday nights for 14 weeks. In this class, we decided to create a full product from scratch, a time trial – speed running platformer. I give you his project!

Try “Time Journey” – by Nathan Strong in your browser, click here!

About the Author:

Nathan, the creator of the game “Time Journey”, started coding about 4 years ago. Over the last couple of years, he has become interested in creating games. This is the second game that he has made, but the first that has been put somewhere people can see it. When Nathan isn’t coding, he enjoys making origami and playing Minecraft.

New Class – Adventures of Man In Space Suit

Exciting news everyone! A new advanced lesson is available now on how to build a speed running platformer! It includes lots of advanced topics and math, so it is meant for students in grades 8+. Check out the write-up of the lessons and the final game by clicking here or on the image below!!

Classes/Workshops Updates

Hello parents, students, and coders!

I am working on turning my years of game design classes into written tutorials, classes, and workshops. Keep checking this site for classes that you may be interested and check out the shop for future upcoming classes!

– laszlo